Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)

We Prepare Now for the Future

Janathakshan works with stakeholders in the government and local communities to develop plan and adopt decentralized approaches to DRR and CCA. Through this engagement Janathakshan influences policy change at the national level, incorporating DRR and CCA into future development plans and making Sri Lanka more resilient to the adverse effects of disasters and climate change. To read more please visit DRR website

Hazard mapping to identify natural disaster hot spots
”At the workshops flood mitigation was identified as the most important disaster risk reduction action to be implemented by the EravurUC. Hazard maps were prepared in cooperation with all the stakeholders and they have all the information we needed to prepare the master plan for an integrated drainage system which will be the long term solution to the flooding issue Eravur.”
Mr. Seyed Ali Zahir Moulana, Chairman, Urban Council Eravur

Solution to Sri Lanka’s second most frequently reported disaster

HEC is the second most frequently reported disaster in Sri Lanka causing 160 elephant and 50 humans deaths annually. The solution is the planting of four rows of Palmyra trees (BorassusFlabellife), in zig-zag pattern as bio fence along the conflict affected areas together with the short term electrified fence. The effective period of electrified fencing is 10 to 12 years by which time the Palmyra trees would have grown sufficiently providing an effective, sustainable, viable and elephant- friendly shield; blocking the animals entrance into human territory and providing these magnificent creatures with fruit they relish. The time is now; we should start planting to ensure future generations are free of this threat.
Ranasinghe Perera, Director Janathakshan

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