Plantation, Production and use of Biofuels at the community level in Sri Lanka

This publication is the result of the research, testing and subsequent information generated from stage 1 of the liquid bio-fuel project conducted by Practical Action and Technical Advisory Board on liquid bio-fuels in Sri Lanka. It is a compilation of the results and processes undertaken in the 4 key sections of harnessing bio-fuels: Plantation, oil expelling, processing and application.

Best Practices for Micro - Hydro Development

This book provides a through analysis of each stage of evolution of Micro Hydro in Sri Lanka and captures important lessons that are useful for planning and implementing of development programmes. The book is based on a study carried out in 1999/2000 as a part of an I international study for Practical Action with the intension of establishing best practices for village hydro development. This is an ideal publication for development planners and implementers especially in the renewable energy sector.

Technology & Approach - Community based Micro - Hydro Village Electrification Schemes

This booklet is designed for the decision makers (non-energy specialists) and the future generation to understand the basic science and technology behind community based micro-hydro village electrification schemes.

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