Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Janathakshan’s vision is of a sustainable world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used equitably.

Our Mission

To use technology to challenge poverty in transitional economic context; working with poor people to

  • Build their capabilities
  • Improve their access to technical options and knowledge, and
  • Help them influence the social, economic and institutional systems for innovation and use of technology

To use technology to challenge social disparity and injustice; offering viable alternatives to stakeholders at multiple levels to:

  • Improve their access to sustainable technical options and knowledge
  • Help them to adopt responsible and equitable approaches
  • Build capacities and assets of poor

What we do

Livelihoods & Small
Enterprise Development

Janathakshan has vast experience developing domestic / large scale biogas...

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Capacity Building &
Knowledge Sharing

Janathakshan works with stakeholders in the government and local communities...

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Janathakshan uplifts the lives of rural communities through infrastructure and...

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