Our History

“Twenty five years of experience has made us unique, change has made us new”~ Janathakshan

Janathakshan (GTE) Ltd is a not for profit organization established in 2011 to continue the legacy of a quarter century of Practical Action in Sri Lanka. Practical Action is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries and works actively in the UK, Eastern Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, Latin America and South Asia. In Sri Lanka Practical Action has worked actively in the sectors of energy, transport, community infrastructure, livelihoods, agriculture, disaster risk reduction and climate change mitigation improving the lives of thousands and contributing to a safer country for future generations. Janathakshan roots itself in the work of Practical Action, and envisages the same vision and values of Practical Action and operates on the same principles of its founder E. F. Schumacher’s philosophy. Janathakshan also ensures that local level learning of Practical Action continues in Sri Lanka and that lessons learnt are shared, helping to improve the lives of poverty stricken communities across the globe for generations to come.

Janathakshan carries forward the legacy of Practical Action in Sri Lanka
“Janathakshan will continue the work that Practical Action started - helping poor people use technology to transform their lives. Janathakshan will not only carry the legacy of Practical Action forward in Sri Lanka, but also effectively and innovatively contribute to new challenges faced by a middle income country.”
Mr. Simon Trace, CEO Practical Action
Janathakshan inherits 25 years of knowledge, work experience and expertise from Practical Action
“Janathakshan aims to fill a timely gap in providing green and sustainable technologies that match local needs. Based on practical knowledge gained over two and a half decades of working with alternate technologies Janathakshan is well equipped with knowledge and expertise that can contribute to closing the gap between development needs of the next generation and respect for nature."
Dr. Vishaka Hidellage, Director Janathakshan

What we do

Livelihoods & Small
Enterprise Development

Janathakshan has vast experience developing domestic / large scale biogas...

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Capacity Building &
Knowledge Sharing

Janathakshan works with stakeholders in the government and local communities...

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Janathakshan uplifts the lives of rural communities through infrastructure and...

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